Miami County Speedway
1079 West 200 North
Peru, Indiana 46970
Track 765-475-9705
Additional Information:
574-753-3238 * 765-513-5535 * 317-541-8510
Saturday Night Racing at the Miami County Fairgrounds
New Format!


Each car will be issued 2 transponders.   The are on a
vinyl strap.  They need to be mounted on the car with
zip ties.  Do not use duct tape!   They are to be placed
on the front down tube 24 inches up from where the
bumper is attached to the frame.   If you have any
questions please talk with a track official.

Your MCS Membership includes your transponder
rental.  You will be required to leave a drivers license
or credit card with the sign in booth.  It can be picked
up when your transponders are returned.  

If you do not have a membership you may rent your
transponder nightly for $10.  Lost or damaged
transponders will be a $15 fee.


Effective May 2nd, you will be assigned a hot lap and
qualifying group based on the pill draw.  Once the
draw closes the information will be available at the pit
information board where the Driver's Meeting is held.  
You will hot lap, qualify and heat race in this group.  
We will group qualify.    You will be sent out to hot
lap/qualify in groups of approximately 4 cars.  Some
hot laps groups will be broken into 2 groups
depending on car count.  You will be given 5 laps with
your best time being you qualifying time.  Heat races
will be lined up based on qualifying time with a 4 car
invert.  Once qualifying is complete the heat race
line-ups will be set and posted throughout the pits.  
Qualifying times will be posted at the pit board.

The top 1 or 2 cars (based on car count) in each heat
race will re-draw for starting position of the feature.  
This is done with the Pit Stewart at the track entrance
in turn 4.  

If a B-Main is needed the line-up will be based on
qualifying time.   B-Main cars that transfer will be lined
up according to qualifying time behind all cars that
made the feature through their heat race.

Again, we will be testing the system May 2nd.  
Changes may be made to our format after the testing
is complete.